(Global Technology Comparison on specific topics)
Japan-Asian Research Institutes/Organizations Overviews on Development of Environment and Energy Technology for Sustainable Development in Asia/CRDS-FY2005-GR-05
Executive Summary

The Inoue Group of CRDS/JST designs and proposes R&D strategies in the field of environment and energy science/technology by conducting in-depth investigations and analysis of the social needs and technological aspects in this field based on an overview of their full perspective, as well as by examining the specific contents and measures for promoting research and development into the future. Our proposals are drawn up through various workshops and meetings attended by internal members and/or experts of relevant research fields for reviewing various issues, exchanging opinions, drawing conclusions, and mapping out strategies; investigations of the current state of relevant research institutions both in Japan and overseas; interviews to experts of relevant research fields; and extensive literature searches.
This report compiles the results of on-site investigations and literature searches carried out from May to August 2005 for one of the key research areas reviewed and selected by the Inoue Group through its activities conducted so far, i.e.,“ Development of environment and energy technologies for sustainable development of Asia--Coexistence of economic development and environmental conservation,” focusing on the priority issues in this field addressed by the governments and institutions of the respective Asian countries, the target subjects of research to be undertaken by collaboration among Asian countries, and several research laboratories which are considered to be able to conduct collaborative research on these target subjects. To enhance the performance and outcome of our investigations, a committee named the G-TeC Panel comprising a number of domestic experts was established, which played the central role in implementing our on-site investigations and compiling the results into this report.