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Japan Science & Technology Agency (JST), an advanced network-based research institute that promotes the state-of-the-art R&D projects, will boldly lead the way for co-creation of innovation for tomorrow’s world together with society.
  1. Advanced network-based research institute that promotes unique, challenging & high-impact R&D
  2. Visionary R&D strategy for co-creation of the future with society
  3. Cultivation of human resources for STI
  4. Contribution to regional revitalization
  5. More effective & efficient business implementation
The ellipse surrounding the letters 'JST' and the red dot above it calls to mind an image of the earth and the solar system from a macro perspective, as well as an electron and its nucleus from a micro perspective. JST is located at the core here, symbolizing JST's ceaseless efforts to promote science and technology from every perspective from the micro to macro. Also, at the same time, just as the morning sun rises naturally, the red dot represents JST's stance of continued future-oriented growth, onward and upward.