About JST


About JST

JST plays a central role in Japan's Science and Technology Basic Plan. Based on science and technology targets issued by the government we fund basic research, commercialization of new technologies, distribution of science and technology information, and in recent years promote international joint research and the fostering of next generation human resources.Our comprehensive contribution stimulates real progress in science and technology and helps tackle a variety of social issues.

We continue to strengthen our close relationships with universities, research institutes and industry inside and outside Japan, create collaborative science and technology innovation and ensure the sustainable development of our society.

※The Science and Technology Basic Plan, based on the Science and Technology Basic Law enacted in November 1995, aims to comprehensively and systematically advance Japan's science and technology policy. The government formulates the basic plan based on forecasts for the next decade, putting into effect science and technology policies over a 5-year period.

Funding Programs

As a network-based research institute, JST promotes research and development leading to innovation and address economic & social issues throughout the implementation of research results and international joint researches.

  • Strategic Basic Research
  • International Collaborations
  • Industry-Academia Collaboration and Technology Transfer

Public Engagement

Promoting dialogue with various stakeholders toward co-creation of a future society. JST also fosters next generations talents in the fields of S&T as well as human resources who can contributes to S&T innovation.

  • Promotion of “Science in/for Society”
  • Fostering the Next Generation Human Resources
  • Miraikan

R&D Strategy Planning

Throughout dialogue with stakeholders and data analysis, JST formulate R&D strategies toward the future.

Information Platform and Database Services, etc.

JST provides information services supporting for R&D activities. JST collects and organizes information on research articles, literatures, researchers, patents etc., and develops the infrastructure for providing access to the information. JST is also involved with Open Science activities based on the international trend.

About JST mark

The ellipse surrounding the letters 'JST' and the red dot above it calls to mind an image of the earth and the solar system from a macro perspective, as well as an electron and its nucleus from a micro perspective. JST is located at the core here, symbolizing JST's ceaseless efforts to promote science and technology from every perspective from the micro to macro. Also, at the same time, just as the morning sun rises naturally, the red dot represents JST's stance of continued future-oriented growth, onward and upward.