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Press Conference 2019 by the President

Session1 – April 25, 2019 at Tokyo Headquarters (K's Gobancho)

President talked about action plans for the Hamaguchi Plan and the Panoramic View Report 2019 published by CRDS. Also, Yoshida, manager of the Department of Research Program Strategy of JST, introduced his group's analysis of research trends. Then, Professor Shigeyuki Nakaji, president of the Center of Healthy Aging Innovation (COI) program of Hirosaki University, lectured on "Healthy society innovation strategy—Pursuit of real ‘Open Innovation 2.0’ involving citizens and contribution to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS)".

The presentation material is available for download from the link below:
Press Conference by the President (April. 2019)(PDF: 0.9MB)
  • image:President Hamaguchi

    President Hamaguchi

  • image:Professor Masahiro Uritani

    Professor Shigeyuki Nakaji