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image:Japan Science and Technology Agency President Hashimoto Kazuhito

This is my first New Year’s message since becoming JST President in April 2022. Though the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is still being felt across the world, I am pleased to see gradual signs of normalcy returning even as world politics and economics are affected by other sources of turbulence. Where reconstruction and change are in demand so too are science, technology, and innovation (STI), and as a center for Japan’s STI community we at JST are making a concerted drive to meet these demands.

Funding programs remain our core focus, and in cooperation with leading researchers we continue to reform our programs looking ahead over the next decade. We are strengthening our internal research management capabilities by establishing a new personnel system, and nurturing research management-adept human resources. We are also trying hard to promote the development and success of young researchers, through new initiatives such as the University Fund and support for emerging research.

So that Japan can demonstrate even stronger initiative in the international community and better contribute to solving global issues, JST is engaged in the following:

The first point to be addressed is the promotion of international joint research. In the midst of changes and turmoil disrupting the global order, expectations for Japan in the fields of science, technology, and innovation have risen enormously. So far, we have focused all our efforts on bilateral and multilateral joint research and problem-solving with developed and developing countries. However, to further live up to such high expectations, a global network should be established that will enable the acquisition of information needed for the development of cutting-edge fields and technologies, as well as nurture a new generation of top researchers and develop a robust system that will not be left behind in the global arena. Through the enhancement and strengthening of international joint research activities, we aim to show Japan’s initiative in the fields of science and technology, and contribute to the development of the international community.

Innovative Green Transformation (GX) technologies. To achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 we need a rapid advance in GX, so we will build an all-Japan research system that leverages our strength in basic research and promotes close cooperation with companies to speed up R&D and practical results application.

It is a long journey ahead, but I hope you will join us.

January 2023
Japan Science and Technology Agency
President Hashimoto Kazuhito

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