R&D Projects

Research on Constructing Open Data for Policies to Reduce Child Poverty

Project Director

Project Director: Aya ABE
Professor, School of Humanities & Social Sciences, Tokyo Metropolitan University


The objective of this project is to establishing a method for utilization of data collected by social surveys which are conducted by municipalities and prefectures. As a model, the project will construct an open database of data on child living conditions by harmonizing and combining survey data from several prefectures and municipalities. The project then draws a set of concrete evidences and policy implications on measures against child poverty. By doing so, the project aims to show a concrete evidence of how to make evidence-based policy using already existing social data.


This project will be conducted in three stages. In the first stage, the project aims to integrate survey data on living conditions of children from several municipalities and harmonize them into a single database. In the second stage, a team of interdisciplinary researchers will analyze the data and draw policy implications for poverty alleviation of children. The implications will cover a wide range of policies from social protection, education, social welfare and health. The findings will be discussed with policy makers within governments who are involved in actual policy making. In the third stage, a set of policy recommendations will be fed back to municipalities and with due discussions, will be refined. Further, using this as an example, the methodology of creating and utilizing open-data will be disseminated through training courses and media.