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Proactionary approach for ELSI in emerging biomedical research

Project Director

Project Director:Yuya KAJIKAWA
Uehiro Research Division for iPS Cell of Ethics Uehiro Associate Professor Center for iPS Cell Research and Application(CiRA) Kyoto University


Increasing societal applicability and effectiveness of emerging biomedical research now raises issues including naÏve dichotomy, inconsistent ethics policies and excessive precautionary approach in examining societal implications of technology, ethics and decision-making. Questioning what are ‘rational’ evidences in ethical and societal dimensions of emerging biomedical research policy process and how to create and share them with policymakers, experts and other stakeholders, this project aims to provide discussion materials for guidelines formulated by academic communities, offer bioethical principles to policy and knowledge professionals, and open up new research and innovation fields.


1. Develop a theoretical framework of the continuous tone and distribution profile of ethical concepts (‘ethics spectrum’)
2. Conduct vertical assessment by integrating inter-generational ethics and future ethics into foresight and technology assessment
3. Establish novel bioethics principles by taking into account dual-use dilemma, inter-generational care and geopolitical diversity and relationships (‘4D dual-use’)
4. Design participatory workshops in which bio-art creators and audiences can interact and learn each other through dialogical appreciation
5. Illustrate participants’ inter-generational cognitive change through Q methodology workshops
6. Construct a policy co-creation model from learning support, network support and interactive tool development approaches
7. Compare ethically-attentive research evaluation systems in the United States and Japan
8. Examine the policy co-creation process in this project asking for advice from the advisory panel