R&D Projects

Research on description and interpretation of evidence in policy process

Project Director

Project Director:Yuya KAJIKAWA
Professor, School of Environment and Society, Tokyo Institute of Technology


①Redefining Evidence
To offer comprehensive picture of evidence to which policy makers can refer. By redesigning evidence-level, we develop guideline to create and utilize evidence in policy making. We also provide guideline indicating scope of data and evidence to researchers in policy science.

②Analyzing Evidence Process
To elucidate organizational and systematic biases affecting evidence and to enable policy makers to understand factors affecting them in policy making process. We also raise the concern of researchers in policy science not only in providing credible evidence but also in evidence utilization process for policy making.

③Developing Evidence Framework
To offer methodology to share and inherit evidence in an organization and its relatedness with issues and policy. We also aim to open-up an opportunity to access transparent policy and develop society with evidence-based rational policy for society.


Science for RE-designing Science, Technology and Innovation Policy (SciREX) program “aims to prepare a system and foundation for the realization of evidence-based policy formation” and contributed to development of science, technology, and innovation (STI) policy. During the development of the projects under SciREX, a variety of data has been collected, created by analysis and simulation, and stored in database, which is expected to be utilized in policy making and evaluation process as evidence.
Although researchers expect the existence of an individual policy maker who will utilize evidence is usually expected, these evidences are neither utilized nor reflected well. This is partly because efforts investigating evidence process to interpret and select those are lacked. Compared to advancement of science to create evidence like data analysis and simulation, we do not have enough science, expertise, and institution to utilize evidence as evidence in policy making processes. It is indispensable both for researchers and policy makers to understand essential factors in policy making and decision making processes and systematize policy science and related disciplines and expertise for maximizing the development and utilization of SciREX projects and program and their achievements.
This project investigates processes collecting, making, using, and sharing evidence in STI policy. We conduct multiple case studies in policy relating energy technology. We also conduct a systematic review relating organizational decision making, stakeholder network, and innovation ecosystem to build integrated theoretical framework to describe and interpret evidence for the realization of evidence-based policy formation. Based on our project, we expect to have a deep understanding in the current policy making process and to develop normative framework to develop effective policy based on evidence.