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Development of the Evidence-Base for Advanced Risk Management of Living Spaces

Project Director

Project Director:Yoshiki MIKAMI
Yoshiki MIKAMI
Director/Professor, Research Center of Safe and Secure Society, Nagaoka University of Technology


There is a serious lack of risk information about injuries that may occur in living spaces.

The goal of the project to develop and provide evidence-based risk information and advanced yet practical risk management methodologies for policy makers, manufacturers, distributors, consumers and other stakeholders, based on existing government statistics, big-data and other information sources.


There are more than thirty thousand fatalities a year in Japan, most of which occur in houses and other living spaces. While non-fatal injuries are not surveyed, the majority are also considered to occur in living spaces. In contrast to traffic accidents, workplace injuries and fires, where information about the frequency and causes of those injuries is relatively easily available, there is a serious lack of risk information about possible injuries which may occur in living spaces. In order to design and implement scientific risk management methodologies in living spaces, it is needed to develop evidence-based risk information for policy planning, product design and safety education programs for consumers.

This project aims to develop an appropriate data-model for the description of risks in living spaces, to prove that those data can be obtained from existing sources, and to demonstrate the usefulness of evidence-based risk management methodologies. Accordingly, every stakeholder will be motivated to provide, share and utilize this information. The project is an attempt to construct a social mechanism for the circulation of evidence information among stakeholders seeking safer living spaces.