R&D Projects

Conservation and Energy Utilization of Water as Common Resources for Leading Innovation

Project Director

Yoshihiko AMANO
Yoshihiko AMANO
Director/Professor, Cooperative Research Center, Shinshu University


The aims of the project are to make a model for diffusing eco-friendly nano hydropower and air-conditioning systems using ground-water in communities, and to promote innovation in natural energy technologies. To achieve these aims, the project group will carry out research in the following steps.

  • 1)Clarify the preconditions and problems of the conservation and sustainable use of water resources.
  • 2)Draw up basic social rules for using water resources and achieve consensus on them in local communities.
  • 3)Clarify the actual problems and barriers by experiments in introducing nano hydropower in local communities.
  • 4)Clarify the preconditions and social rules for introducing air-conditioning systems using ground-water by simulation using actual data.
  • 5)Define natural energy as usual energy for the public spaces of communities, but in an emergency (e.g. cutting off of power supply in a disaster) we propose natural energy as a back- up power supply.
  • 6)Clarify the preconditions for “comprehensive water-resources management” and make policy proposals for the conservation and utilization of water resources.

We will try to promote the general application of the results of research to the conservation and utilization of natural resources, and propose policy alternatives.


Water is becoming a scarce resource and competition for water resources are becoming fiercer in the globalized world. The tasks of conservation and utilization of water resources are becoming more urgent. The developments and diffusion of water-use energies are important issues for us, but the greatest barrier to resolving them is the lack of general rules, i.e. comprehensive water laws and lack of social consensus about them.

In this research project, we postulate that water is a common resource for communities, and conduct experiments to introduce eco-friendly nano hydropower and air-conditioning systems using ground-water in local communities. The findings are organized according to the following methods.

  • 1)We investigate policy alternatives and social systems suitable for conservation and utilization of water-resources on the basis of the scientific findings of the water-cycle.
  • 2)We consider social rules and desirable methods for introducing these technologies to communities, and effective ways of diffusion.
  • 3)In this process we will promote active interaction with communities, and try to accommodate the various interests in communities. We will also integrate the findings as scientific knowledge and social technologies.

 The process of formulating basic rules for conservation and utilization of water resources may be applicable to other natural resources, and to public problems in general.