R&D Projects

Economic Growth Analysis of Science, Technology, and Innovation Policies

Project Director

プログラムアドバイザー:楡井 誠
Makoto NIREI
Associate Professor, Institute of Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi University


  • To provide a model for policy analysis and evaluation in the areas of science, technology, and innovation in the dynamic general equilibrium framework that is widely used in economic policy evaluation.
  • To analyze the economic impacts of policies in particularly important fields such as knowledge production, human capital supply, promotion of R&D investment, and international knowledge transfer.
  • To provide a method and basic estimates of policy analysis for policy makers, policy analysts, and other stakeholders who are not familiar with economic analysis.

 We will find out what kind of corporate organization will facilitate scientific and technological innovations, and review the way capital markets will be involved, and design a social system that facilitates the growth and development of entrepreneurs.


As the Japanese economy becomes mature and faces new challenges and opportunities, it is ever more important to promote innovation in order to maintain and improve Japan’s economic welfare. The science and technology sector is expected to function as the most important source of innovation through its endeavor to advance our knowledge as well as through its interaction with the corporate sector, which facilitates the transformation of this knowledge into new economic values. As considerable resources have been allocated in this policy area despite an increasingly limited budget, it is important for the government to have a coherent system of economic analysis and evaluation of such policies. This project aims to provide an evaluation method for science, technology, and innovation policies in the framework of modern economic growth theory. By engaging junior researchers and policy makers, it also aims to build a lively community of researchers in this field.