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Social implementation of UAM (Urban Air Mobility) is accelerating. In the current discussion, however, there is a lack of fundamental examination of institutional design and social acceptability where flying cars are used more frequently and densely. For the widespread use of UAM, it is necessary to consider not only the low energy load, the realization of smart mobility services, and the construction of infrastructure that is essential for operation, but also to consider various issues from the perspective of urban transportation policies, and an ethical and legal point of view. Without solving these complex issues, it will be difficult for UAM to be widely accepted as a mode of transportation that contributes to our well-being.
In this project, researchers from the humanities and social sciences and natural sciences will collaborate to anticipate, clarify and overcome these “Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues” (ELSI) as a prerequisite for the successful implementation of UAM as social infrastructure.

・R&D Period: October 2021 - March 2025
・Grant Number: JPMJRX21J2


Professor, Faculty of Law, Kyushu University

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