In promoting R&D, RInCA program asks that the team members, including researchers in S&T and HSS, and stakeholders from the society, agree to explore "common issues that question the fundamental values of life, people, and society" (the points at issue), and to hold continuous discussion.
In engaging in such discussions, implicit concerns regarding ethical, legal, and social implications/issues (ELSI) and the responses to them need to be verbalized and represented. This work involves a process of considering how to formulate R&D questions and performing critical evaluations of the significance of conducting the R&D, as well as evaluating the outcomes, from the perspective of various concepts related to improving our lives and societies. This means that we are also taking on the challenge of developing questions and articulation of discourse related to those questions—such as on the desirability of the future society that is being envisioned by a specific S&T development, the values that it is trying to generate, and where the responsibility lies for any problems that may result—that can guide ELSI/ RRI initiatives to help realize a society that has real value for humanity.
RInCA program calls such activities "exploration of fundamental values and articulation of discourse" and positions these as the foundation for the grand design of the program.

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