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The project will identify factors causing delay of legal and social governance to deal with ELSI regarding on foreseeable genetic discrimination especially in the field of insurance and employment settings, and propose feasible policy making based on Japanese context.
In regards to legal system, the project aims to produce a hybrid policy making model by comparing with foreign countries basing on dialogue with multi-stakeholders.
Moreover, the project analyzes various mechanism which causing discrimination, and states controversial concept of fairness in drawing a line between “rational distinction” and “unjust discrimination”.
The project proposes a methodology and system which fill the lag of ELSI regarding nonmedical use of genetic information and therefore promotes fair use of genetic information.

・R&D Period: October 2022 - March 2026
・Grant Number: JPMJRS22J6


Professor, Graduate School of Medical Science, Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine

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