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Transition model for emerging technologies based on an appropriate understanding of risks and benefits in conjunction with the development and empirical research of autonomous driving technology is proposed. Considering the international trend of ELSI in the autonomous driving technology, the project aims to establish the method to settle the dispute of traffic accidents based on objective evidence. In addition, from the perspectives of folklore and historical sociology, the determinants of the ELSI and the formation of morals and worldviews related to mobility behind the autonomous driving technology are analyzed. Focusing on ethical issues such as safety and security, trust and responsibility, and impartiality, dialogue among developers and citizens/stakeholders while rooting in the values of the Japanese local community are conducted. Ideal way of implementation of automated driving technology as a social infrastructure including environmental design is examined.

・R&D Period: September 2020 - March 2024 (in progress)
・Grant Number: JPMJRX20J4

NAKANO Kimihiko

Professor, Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo

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