Moonshot International Symposium

List of Working Group

Chair:DOI Miwako

We are in an era of declining birthrate and hyper-aging. There is an urgent need to create a society in which all people can participate beyond the limits of age, culture, physical ability, time, and distance.
We will discuss how innovative solutions and MS goal(s) can achieve a system that complements, expands and replaces human physical functions. These include robots/computers with living human bodies...  

Related examples of moonshot goals

  • ・Create and deploy “Cyborg technology” to augment human capability
  • ・Fully ubiquitous and inclusive mobility
  • ・Create and deploy advanced avatars enabling most daily life can be done through avatar
  • ・Universal medical access at the global scale
Chair:SOBUE Gen

There is still much we do not know about the relationship between the brain and the neural network of our entire peripheral nervous system and related tissues, including the immune systems of our intestinal tract tissue and lymphatic vessels.
We will discuss how frontier research areas and MS goal(s) can help us understand life phenomena and maintain human health....  

Related examples of moonshot goals

  • ・Creation of digital model of entire nerve system and adjacent systems
  • ・Dramatic improvement of QOL among the elderly
  • ・Preventive measures to maintain wellness
  • ・Complete digital mapping and externalization of the entire reproductive process
  • ・Human hibernation
Chair:FUKUDA Toshio

To overcome the limitations of Deep Learning, such as difficulty responding to unknown events and the escalating costs and efforts required for machine learning, we must make AI learn and grow by itself to reduce the power consumption of devices and help discover optimal architectures. It is also important to expand frontiers through AI-robots and fusion research. This kind of research aims to help build AI that can autonomously structure knowledge and learn through...  

Related examples of moonshot goals

  • ・Full automation of agriculture, forestry & fisheries
  • ・Full automation of construction work
  • ・Development of AI system for scientific discovery at the level worth Nobel Prize
  • ・Distributed and collective satellite constellation and space robotics
Chair:YAMAJI Kenji

To recover the global environment, it is essential to realize sustainable resources and materials circulation.
We will discuss innovative solutions and MS goal(s) to realize sustainable resources and materials circulation for greenhouse gas reduction and global environmental remediation. These include greenhouse gas reduction technologies by resources and materials circulation, such as...  

Related examples of moonshot goals

  • ・Full recycle system for resources and materials
  • ・Reduction of resources losses to 1/100th
  • ・Reduction of energy consumption for computing to 1/1000th
  • ・100% energy self-sufficiency with sustainable energy source
  • ・Elimination of garbage on the earth
Chair:NOGUCHI Noboru

Food demand will certainly increase due to expanding global population. On the other hand, our environment for food production is deteriorating due to climate change, such as global warming, desertification, and depletion of natural resources. Therefore, the enhancement of agricultural production is a major global issue for our future.
We will discuss innovative solutions and MS goal(s) to satisfy both increase of agricultural production and environmental...  

Related examples of moonshot goals

  • ・Full automation of agriculture, forestry & fisheries
  • ・Elimination of food loss
  • ・Harmonization agriculture and biodiversity
Chair:ARAKAWA Yasuhiko

Since quantum technology is set to have dramatic impacts on our economies, industries, and security, it is crucially important to promote quantum technology strategically from a long-term perspective.
We will discuss the quantum technologies necessary to realize network of quantum computers and MS goal(s). These include quantum sciences and technologies such as quantum memory, general-purpose...  

Related example of moonshot goal

  • ・General-purpose Quantum computer network
Chair:KOTANI Motoko

Theme 1: Ethical, Legal and Social Issues (ELSI)
Theme 2: Mathematical Science as cross-sectional for MS goals

We will discuss cross-disciplinary concepts and methods related to all MS goals. In particular, efforts to develop mathematical models to formulate social problems and importance of addressing Ethical, Legal and Social Issues of innovative research will be discussed....