[Single Cell Analysis] Innovative Technology Platforms for Integrated Single Cell Analysis

※ Affiliations and titles are as of the end of the research activity.

Strategic Objective

Creation of Integrated Single Cell Analysis Fundamental Technology contribute to the elucidation of biological functions

Research Supervisor

Sumio Sugano (specially-appointed professor, Future Medicine Education and Research Organization, Chiba University)


The objective of this Research Area is to establish the methodologies or technological platforms for the quantitative and comprehensive description of biomolecules within individual cells, especially in an in situ population, including their change over time and interactions.
These platforms will comprise core and peripheral technologies that realize simultaneous and comprehensive genome, epigenome, transcriptome, proteome or metabolome information acquisition at the single cell level. We recognize that some technologies are mature and are ready for use, while others are still in their infancy and need to provide proof of concept. For mature technologies, we will be strongly committed to bringing those technologies to the market. For the less mature technologies, the focus will be on outputting the proof of concept of the technology. However, we believe that any technologies and methodologies developed in this Research Area should be applied to real challenges for the better understanding of biological processes in relations to cellular heterogeneity or transition of cellular states.
In order to develop these single cell analyses as platforms, we will encourage interdisciplinary teams to participate in this Research Area for facilitating the technology development, system integration, system usability and standardization. In addition, to accelerate these developments with the maximal impact, projects are subject to reshuffles and re-organization, as well as possible collaboration among projects in the corresponding PRESTO Research Area, in related funding programs or in other activities.

Research Area Advisors

・Mariko Okada
Institute for Protein Research, Osaka University

・Kiyoshi Okano
CEO, Kamakura Techno-Science. Inc.

・Atsushi Ochiai
Director, Exploratory Oncology Resesarch & Clinical Trial Center, National Cancer Center

・Hideki Kambara
Honorable Fellow, Hitachi, Ltd.

・Yuji Kohara
Director, Database Center for Life Science,
Joint Support-Center for Data Science Research, Research Organization of Information and Systems

・Jun Sese
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Artificial Intelligence Research Center (AIRC),
Machine Learning Research Team,

・Mitsutoshi Setou
Director/Professor, International Mass Imaging Center/
Department of Cellular & Anatomy, Hamamatsu University School of Medicine

・Haruko Takeyama
Professor, Waseda University

・Hiromichi Yaju
Business Planning, Director, GE Healthcare Japan Corporation

Year Started : 2014

Pico- and Femto-Litter Processing of Protein Molecules by Extended-Nano Fluidic Device Engineering

Research Director:
Takehiko Kitamori(Professor, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo)

Non Label Neurotransmitter Image Sensor System for Spatiotemporal Analysis of Cerebral Function

Research Director:
Kazuaki Sawada(Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronic Information Engineering, Toyohashi University of Technology)

Molecular analysis in tissue-cells employing multichannel planar techniques and its application to research on neurological diseases

Research Director:
Yuzuru Takamura(Professor, School of Materials Science/Center for Single Nanoscale Innovative Devices (Excellent Core), Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)

Development of microdevice for single cell genomics of environmental microbes

Research Director:
Yuichi Hongoh(Professor, School of Life Science and Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Construction of a platform for nucleic acid analysis of a single CTC toward anticancer drug development

Research Director:
Tomoko Yoshino(Associate Professor, Institute of Engineering, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)

Year Started : 2015

Development of a novel method for identifying critical molecules controlling cellular dynamics in vivo

Research Director:
Masaru Ishii(Professor, Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences, Osaka University)

Time-series measurement and manipulation of genomic DNA structure and
transcription factor dynamics by super-resolution three-dimensional
live imaging

Research Director:
Yasushi Okada(Team Leader, Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research, RIKEN)

Construction of a information system of tissue microenvironment by single
cell transcriptome analysis

Research Director:
Shinichi Hashimoto(Project professor, Graduate School of Medical Science, Kanazawa University)

Single-cell multimolecular phenotyping by using the Cell Chip MS system

Research Director:
Takeshi Bamba(professor, Medical Institute of Bioregulation, Kyushu University)

Multimolecular complex mapping using multi-target, high-density labeling super-resolution microscopy IRIS

Research Director:
Naoki Watanabe(Professor, Graduate School of Biostudies, Kyoto University)

Year Started : 2016

The development of a high resolution technology in epigenomics

Research Director:
Yasuyuki Ohkawa(Professor, Medical Institute of Bioregulation, Kyushu University)

Development of integrated single-cell technology for analyzing cell membrane receptor proteins(Creation of “Receptome” based single-cell analyses )

Research Director:
Eiichi Tamiya(Professor, Nanobidevice and Biosensor Lab. Department of Applied Physics Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University)

Single-cell multi-omics technology to measure cell fate and function in tissues

Research Director:
Itoshi Nikaido(Unit Leader, Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research, RIKEN)

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