Dependable Operating Systems for Embedded Systems Aiming at Practical Applications

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Strategic Sector

Creation of Next-Generation Basic Technology Achieving High Security, High Reliability and High Performance for Embedded Systems

Research Supervisor

Mario Tokoro (President, Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.)

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Following the advent of computer technology, not only personal computers and mission-critical systems, but also many other types of information-related devices and systems (such as home servers, digital TVs, high-performance embedded servers, control devices in cars, production control devices, communication control devices, robots, portable devices, mobile and wearable computers, sensor actuators, and others) are becoming network-aware, and it is expected that a ubiquitous information society will become a reality in the near future. At that time, many of these elementary systems will be constructed as purpose-specific embedded systems, providing high reliability and responsiveness while remaining small and light. In addition, it is necessary to ensure the reliability, safety, security and performance of these interconnected systems, as well as their expandability and dynamical adaptability to change. In order to produce such dependable systems, it is necessary to conduct innovative research development starting at the level of the operating system (OS). This field of research concerns the development of an OS for embedded devices which enables dependable information systems to be constructed, and the aim of the research is to achieve feasibility, to verify whether it is possible to unite individual research topics in the form of a practical system, and to prepare the basis of future research development in the form of open source projects. This work will realize an OS which can be utilized in various areas in society in the future. Under strong leadership that promotes the integration of research and by restructuring the research system and adjusting the format of research when necessary, in this research area we adopt a transverse and integrated implementation framework that enables us to manage the research area well.

Year Started : 2008

Satoshi Kagami
Deputy Director, Digital Human Research Center, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Research on Realtime Parallel Dependable Operating System with RealtimeNetworking Function
Yoshiki Kinoshita
Principal Research Scientist, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Study on User Oriented Dependability
Kimio Kuramitsu
Associate Professor, Yokohama National University
A Study on Runtime Dependability with Security Weaver and P-Script
Kenji Kono
Associate Professor, Dept. of Information and Computer Science, Keio Univ.
Producing Highly Attack-Resistant Secure Operating Systems

Year Started : 2006

Yutaka Ishikawa
Professor, The University of Tokyo
Dependable Single System Image Operating System for Parallel/Distributed Embedded Systems
Mitsuhisa Sato
Professor, University of Tsukuba
Low-power and Highly Dependable Parallel Computer Platform for Embedded Systems
Hideyuki Tokuda
Professor, Keio University
A Dependable Operating System for Micro Ubiquitous Nodes
Tatsuo Nakajima
Professor, Waseda University
A Dependable Operating System for Highly Functional Information Appliances
Toshiyuki Maeda
Research Associate, The University of Tokyo
Dependable System Software Development Technology