Basic Technology to Establishing Tailor-Made Medicine by Utilizing Genome Information

Strategic Sector

Establishment of Basic Technology for Utilizing Genome Information for Realizing Tailor-Made Medical Treatment without Side Effects Based on Individual Genetic Information

Research Supervisor

Takehiko Sasazuki (President, International Medical Center of Japan)

Year Started



This research field aims at implementing drug discovery based on genome information and preventing and treating diseases according to individual body composition (tailor-made medical treatment). It focuses on techniques which provide the basis for revolutionary treatment and prevention methods related to challenges such as constructing new analysis systems for genome information and elucidating multifactorial disorders and undertaking drug discovery. In particular, emphasis is placed on research utilizing genome information for elucidating and developing drugs in relation to the receptivity and resistance towards highly heritable diseases or infectious diseases. Equal attention is given to investigating the genetic and environmental factors specific to our country for lifestyle diseases, to developing methods for their prevention based on genome information, and to developing techniques for rapidly and accurately clarifying individual differences with respect to drug sensitivity (effectiveness and adverse effects) based on genome information. New highly efficient techniques for processing genome information (SNPs) are also sought in order to provide the basis of the above research areas.

Year Started : 2004

Hiroyuki Aburatani
Professor, The University of Tokyo
Seishi Ogawa
Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo
Atsushi Maruyama
Professor, Kyushu University
Masaki Mori
Professor, Kyushu University

Year Started : 2003

Tadao Arinami
Professor, The University of Tsukuba
Ituro Inoue
Professor, Tokai University
Norio Teramae
Professor, Tohoku University
Fumihiko Matsuda
Professor, Kyoto University

Year Started : 2002

Johji Inazawa
Professor, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Norihiro Kato
Director, International Medical Center of Japan
Jun Takeda
Professor, Gifu University
Tatsushi Toda
Professor, Osaka University
Hiroyuki Mano
Professor, Jichi Medical School

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