Creation of fundamental theory and technology to establish a cooperative distributed energy

Strategic Sector

Creation of theory, mathematical model, and fundamental
technology to establish a cooperative distributed energy management system, which enables the
optimization of demand and supply for various energies including renewable energy

Research Supervisor

Masayuki Fujita (Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of

Year Started



The goal of this research area is to create theory, mathematical models and fundamental technology
for optimal control of energy demand and supply in energy management systems linking customers and
a variety of energy sources including renewable energy.
Specifically, this research area invites proposals on theory and basic technologies to realize cooperative
control and situation awareness of spatially distributed energy demand and supply through mutual and
real-time interactions of both energies and information.
It is also promoted to create theory and basic technologies integrating human behavior and social
rationality in order to lead the selfish decision making of consumers and suppliers to social advantages
in overall energy management system.
Moreover, it is also encouraged to create theory and basic technologies to grasp the status of, estimate,
and forecast demand and supply of renewable energy by learning from satellite data, regional
meteorological observations, geographical information, and past supply-demand records.
This research area also aims at combining different research fields such as system science, control,
information, communication, energy and social science in view of the exit of establishing a cooperative
distributed energy management system.

Year Started : 2010

Kenji Ohmori
Professor and Chairman, Institute for Molecular Science, National Institutes of Natural Sciences
Takashige Omatsu
Professor, Chiba University
Takayoshi Kobayashi
Professor, The University of Electro-Communications
Kazuto Yamauchi
Professor, Osaka University

Year Started : 2009

Takeshi Imamura
Professor, Ehime University
Yoshimasa Kawata
Professor, Shizuoka University
Shin-ya Koshihara
Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Shigeki Takeuchi
Professor, Hokkaido University
Koichiro Tanaka
Professor, Kyoto University
Tomonao Hosokai
Associate Professor, OSAKA university

Year Started : 2008

Shinichiro Iwai
Professor, Tohoku University
Shunichi Sato
Professor, Tohoku University
Professor, The University of Tokyo
Toshinori Suzuki
Professor of Chemistry, Kyoto University/ Chief Scientist, RIKEN
Yoshiro Takahashi
Professor, Kyoto University
Ayae Honda
Professor, Hosei University

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