AIP Network Lab

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Political Framework

Japanese Government launched “Strategic Council for AI Technology” as a control tower of AI technology. The Council has come to manage five National Research and Development Agencies that fall under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Affiliated to the Council, MEXT launched AIP Project (Advanced Integrated Intelligence Platform Project) in FY2016. AIP Project is conducted by AIP Center, RIKEN and AIP Network Laboratory, JST collaboratively.

Direction of AIP Network Laboratory

  1. Find and support innovations frontier researches in AI related areas and demonstrate their presences.
  2. Actively disseminate research results internationally and contribute to the progress of AI related research areas.
  3. Support collaborative research within the AIP Network Laboratory and create new value.
  4. Work on the entire lab to develop and educate young researchers.


  • Co-Lab.


  • ACT-i
  • ACT-X


  • RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project
  • 産総研・人工知能研究センター
  • 脳情報通信融合研究センター
  • NEDO・AIポータル