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The Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) and the Department of Science and Technology of the Philippines (DOST), in order to promote international research interaction and exchange among researchers in Japan, United Kingdom and South East Asia, are jointly accepting proposals for Japan - United Kingdom - South East Asia collaborative research projects.

Japanese Link site for this joint call

Research Field

"Sustainable development in South East Asia
- marine science, water related issues or urban environment etc.-"

Details of Support

  • Projects selected for funding in this call will receive support for a period of 1 year totaling no more than 5,000,000JPY including direct and indirect costs. Examples of direct costs include research materials, personnel costs, travel costs and events.
  • Costs incurred by UK research organisations (RO) will be covered by UKRI.
  • Costs incurred by partners based in South East Asia (OECD DAC list countries) aside from the Philippines will be covered by UKRI. Where relevant, costs incurred by researchers based in Philippine research organizations will be covered by DOST.
  • It is expected that up to five (5) individual projects will be funded for up to 12 months. Additionally, DOST will support involvement of researchers in the Philippines for up to three (3) of the projects.

Link UKRI's site for this joint call
Link DOST's site for this joint call


Frequently Asked Questions(PDF


JST: Wednesday 10th February 2021, 12:00 (Japan time)
UKRI: Wednesday 10th February 2021, 16:00 (UK time)
DOST: Wednesday 10th February 2021, 16:00 (Philippines time)


Proposals should link at least one project funded by UKRI and one project funded by JST and include partners in South East Asia.
Proposals should be led by at least one project leader based in a UK Research Organisation (RO) eligible to receive funding from UKRI and one project leader based in a Japanese RO eligible to receive funding from JST. Proposals should also include partners from countries in South East Asia. Where relevant, proposals may also include a project leader based in the Philippines and eligible to receive funding from DOST.
Proposals should connect currently or recently (within the last 3 years) active projects focused on South East Asia funded under the following schemes:

Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development: SATREPS
e-ASIA Joint Research Program: e-ASIA JRP
Accelerating Social Implementation for SDGs achievement: aXis

Newton Fund
Global Challenges Research Fund: GCRF
For the Philippines, projects currently funded in any of the funding schemes of DOST, UKRI and/or JST.

Japan-based project leaders for this call should have been a Principle Investigators or Co-Researchers for a SATREPS, e-ASIA or aXis project active within the last 3 years.
UK-based Principle Investigators or Co-Researchers on UKRI-funded Newton Fund or GCRF projects active within the last 3 years are eligible to apply as the UK project leader for this call.
Please refer the Gateway to Research (GtR) database for more detailed information regarding research projects supported by UKRI.

List of eligible projects (JST)
List of eligible projects (UKRI)

Application Procedure

Proposals should be jointly drafted by the Japan - UK - South East Asia team and must comply with the proposal preparation guidelines outlined in the call for proposals.
The project leader from the Japanese team must submit the proposal, including all Supplementary and Single Copy Documents, legal compliance checklist, and compliance agreement to JST via e-Rad (https://www.e-rad.go.jp/).
The project leader from the UK team must submit the proposal via UKRI's Je-S (https://je-s.rcuk.ac.uk/).

In the case that the project includes a Philippines research team, the project leader from the Philippines must submit the proposal through DOST's DPMIS (https://dpmis.dost.gov.ph). For research teams in other South East Asian countries, the funding request should be included in the proposal to UKRI.


  • Compliance agreement documents require the stamp of the institution's top person. In the case of a university or college the top person is the president, not the dean.
  • When research institutions are national or municipal organizations, such institutions concluding research contracts are obliged to implement necessary budgetary measures before entering research contracts for which they are responsible. Please confirm with your institution and contact JST before submitting.
  • If applicants do not submit required documents to both JST, UKRI and (if applicable) DOST by the deadline, the proposal shall not be accepted and not be brought to the evaluation process.

The call text and application forms can be downloaded below.

Document / FormLinks
Call for proposals PDF
Joint application form Word
Supplemental application form & Legal compliance checklist (in Japanese) Word
Application guideline (in Japanese) PDF


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