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Establishing Sustainable Water Supply System Resilient to the Contamination of Drinking Water Sources

Environment / Energy (Global-scale environmental issues)

Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Establishing Sustainable Water Supply System Resilient to the Contamination of Drinking Water Sources

From grossly contaminated river water to drinking water!

  • SDGs06
  • SDGs11
  • SDGs13

Principal Investigator

    • Prof.
      FUJIOKA Takahiro

      Graduate School of Engineering, Nagasaki University
    • researchmap
    • Associate Prof.
      TRAN Thi Viet Nga

      Faculty of Environmental Engineering, Hanoi University of Civil Engineering

ODA Recipient Country

Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Research Institutions in Japan

Nagasaki University / The University of Kitakyushu / Ryukoku University / National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology / Kyoto University / Kyowakiden Industry Co., Ltd. / Kyowakiden Vietnam Co., Ltd. / Fuso Corporation / Mitsubishi Chemical Aqua Solutions Co., Ltd.

Research Institutions in Counterpart Country

Hanoi University of Civil Engineering / Hai Phong Water Joint Stock Company / Thuy Loi University / Hanoi Architectural University / Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage / Association / Ministry of Construction / DNP Water

Adoption fiscal year

FY 2022

Research Period

5 Years

Overview of the Research Project

Reduce the startup and operational costs of advanced water purification by 80%!
River water is the main source of drinking water in Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, but increasing pollution means regular treatment methods cannot guarantee its safety. The high startup costs and operational costs of advanced water treatment methods capable of removing these pollutants prevent their widespread use in developing countries. In this project, we are developing an advanced water treatment method that is cheap, uses very little energy, and uses locally procurable components, as well as water quality measurement technology to enable online water safety monitoring.

Sustainable water supply for residents and industry
This project will expand the use of advanced water treatment in waterusing facilities (purification plants, commercial buildings, and industries using industrial water) in developing countries, benefiting society by providing a sustainable supply of safe, cheap water to residents and industry. It will also help promote production by Japanese companies and organizations in those regions by supplying them with low-cost thoroughly treated water.

Photo gallery


Inspecting water supply equipment installed under a JICA Grant Assistance Project


Display for monitoring the operational status of all the water purification plants in Haiphong City


Studying the pollution level of river water

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