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Principal Investigator (Affiliation) japan Prof.
(Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University) researchmap
Malaysia Ms.
Runi Sylvester Pungga
(Senior Assistant Director, Forest Department Sarawak)
Research Institutions in Japan Kyoto University / Tokushima University / Shimane University / Kochi University/ National Institute for Environmental Studies / Tokyo Metropolitan University
Research Institutions in Malaysia Forest Department Sarawak / Sarawak Forestry Corporation / Sarawak Biodiversity Center
Adoption fiscal year FY 2019
Research Period 5 Years
ODA Recipient Country Malaysia
General Description of the Research Project

Building a system for assessing and utilizing tropical rainforest biodiversity
Using cutting-edge technology such as DNA barcoding, this project conducts an exhaustive survey of the distribution and state of conservation of the diverse life forms inhabiting the tropical rainforests that cover much of Sarawak. It builds data archives that store the results, creating research infrastructure for the study of biodiversity in Sarawak. It formulates education programs and community engagement programs, raises awareness among local residents regarding the value of intellectual resources regarding biodiversity, and contributes to training in scientific skills.

Enhancing multifaceted utilization and management of tropical rainforest biodiversity
This project will aid in the creation of policy proposals for the multifaceted utilization and management of tropical rainforest biodiversity based on information accumulated in data archives. It will also organize the latest information on biodiversity and provide information based on the various needs of local communities, including those of the tourist and biotech industries and scientific and environmental education.

Photo gallery

Open-air class on tropical rainforest biodiversity for forest science students (Lambir Hills National Park)


The canopy of Sarawak’s tropical rainforests, home to rich biodiversity (Lambir Hills National Park).


Collecting insects that visit flowers in forest canopies at heights of 40 meters


Surveying canopy-dwelling insects (Lambir Hills National Park)

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