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Principal Investigator (Affiliation) japan Prof.
(Office of Academic Research and Industry-Academia-Government and Community Collaboration, Hiroshima University) researchmap
chile Associate Prof.
Milko Jorquera
(Scientific and Technological Bioresource Nucleus, Universidad de La Frontera (UFRO))
Research Institutions in Japan Hiroshima University / Kyoto University / Okayama University / Japan Fisheries Research and Education Agency (FRA)
Research Institutions in Chile Universidad de La Frontera (UFRO) / Universidad de Antofagasta (UA) / Universidad de Los Lagos (ULAGOS) / Instituto de Fomento Pesquero (IFOP) / etc.
Adoption fiscal year FY 2017
Research Period 5 Years
ODA Recipient Country Republic of Chile
General Description of the Research Project

Characterize the relationship between algal bloom dynamics and its microorganism composition
In recent years, large scale red tides in Chilean coastal waters cause serious damages to fisheries, the second largest industry of the country. This project aims to identify microorganisms that propagate prior to red tide formation and termination, which are expected to serve as bloom dynamic indicators. We will design a portable monitoring device that utilizes the microbiological indicators and collect monitoring data to develop a forecast model. The system will be developed by collaboration between industry, government, and academia, and utilized to prevent damage from red tides.

Damage mitigation using bloom forecast system developed by Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration
This project aims to elucidate the mechanism of occurrence and termination of red tides, and to develop red tide dynamics forecast system. The system will provide the forecast to fishery operators, and the information will be utilized to mitigate damage by red tides. We will also devise red tide countermeasure proposal based on scientific evidence through industry, government, and academia collaboration, and submit it to Chilean government.

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Salmon farm

Salmon farm

New generation DNA sequencer

New generation DNA sequencer

Large scale culture of algae

Large scale culture of algae

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