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  • SDGs2
Principal Investigator (Affiliation) 日本 Senior Researcher
(Crop, Livestock and Environment Division, Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences (JIRCAS) )
ブルキナファソ Director
Hamidou Traore
(Institute of Environment and Agriculture Research)
Research Institutions in Japan Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences(JIRCAS) / The University of Tokyo
Research Institutions in Burkina Faso Institute of Environment and Agriculture Research
Adoption fiscal year FY 2016
Research Period 5 Years
General Description of the Research Project

Development of domestically produced fertilizers using low-grade phosphate rock and improvement of fertilizer application techniques
Soil fertility is low in Africa and agricultural productivity is accordingly low, particularly because of the lack of phosphorus. In addition, fertilizers are very expensive in Africa compared to other parts of the world. The project will make use of low-grade phosphate ore produced but underutilized in Burkina Faso to develop domestically produced and reasonably priced fertilizers. It will also look to improve fertilizer application techniques and evaluate the possibility of spreading the proposed fertilizer product. It will also consider techniques to directly apply phosphate rock to propose an integrated strategy for the utilization of phosphate rock as an important natural resource of Burkina Faso.

Contribute to the stable food production of Africa by developing and spreading a domestically produced fertilizer.
The project aims to improve agricultural productivity by developing and spreading domestically produced and reasonably priced fertilizers by making use of low-grade phosphate rock currently underutilized in Burkina Faso. Going forward, the outcomes of the project are expected to spread across Africa and beyond to contribute to stabilizing food self-sufficiency in Africa and fertilizer security in Japan and other countries of the world facing the depletion of phosphate resources.

Photo gallery

Participants in the project from both Japan and Burkina Faso

Participants eagerly listening to a presentation

Outcrop of phosphate ore found in Eastern Burkina Faso

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