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Advancing Co-design of Integrated Strategies with Adaptation to Climate Change

Environment / Energy (Global-scale environmental issues)

Kingdom of Thailand


Advancing Co-design of Integrated Strategies with Adaptation to Climate Change

Create an adaptation plan to reduce present water risks and future climate change damage!

  • SDGs13
  • SDGs06
  • SDGs11

Principal Investigator

    • Prof.
      OKI Taikan

      Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo
    • researchmap
    • Associate Prof.
      Thanya Kiatiwat

      Faculty of Engineering, Kasetsart University

ODA Recipient Country

Kingdom of Thailand

Research Institutions in Japan

The University of Tokyo / Hokkaido University / Tohoku University / Ibaraki University / National Institute for Environmental Studies / Tokyo Institute of Technology / Nagoya University / Toyama Prefectural University / Kyoto University / Nagasaki University /Tohoku Institute of Technology / Gifu University

Research Institutions in Counterpart Country

Kasetsart University / Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning / Royal Irrigation Department / Thai Meteorological Department

Adoption fiscal year

FY 2015

Research Period

5 Years

Overview of the Research Project

Applying observation and forecasting technology to flood risk management transdisciplinarily
The advance of climate change is concerned to increase flood risk such as the large scale flooding that occurred in the Chao Phraya River Basin in the Central Thailand in 2011. To reduce these risks, we are working to combine in-situ and satellite observations with numerical simulation technology to provide early warning information, encourage appropriate land usage, combine an effective range of initiatives such as changes in operational rules for reservoirs, and promote dialog with government, citizens, and other stakeholders to construct an adaptation strategy that provides the maximum benefit to society at large.

Contribution to the development and realization of an appropriate adaptation strategy, ideally with the potential for expansion to neighboring countries.
We aim to contribute to the smooth construction and realization of a climate change adaptation strategy for the Kingdom of Thailand by developing the technologies and co-design methods required to develop an integrated adaptation strategy, establishing best practices, and fostering human resources in the field of adaptation. In addition, we aim to propose effective, sustainable solutions to climate change that can also be applied in neighboring South East Asian nations.

Photo gallery

Flooding in Pathum Thani

Flooding in Pathum Thani

Conducting a spectrum study on salinated land

Conducting a spectrum study on salinated land

Discussing drought damage with local farmers

Discussing drought damage with local farmers

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