TAKAHARA Soft Interface

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Research Director: Atsushi TAKAHARA
(Professor, Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering, Kyushu University)
Research Term: 2008-2013



Since surfaces and interfaces of soft materials ("soft interface") play an important role in various technological applications and bio-interfaces, precise control of soft interfaces would greatly promote the innovation of future science and technology. In this project, we would like to focus on the understanding of fundamental science of soft interfaces formed in nature and extract their molecular and structure design principles. The following three groups will be organized in order to pursue this project: 1) Precise molecular design of soft interfaces based on precise synthetic chemistry, 2) Hierarchical structural control and fabrication of soft interfaces through understanding natural systems, and 3) Development of in situ and dynamical characterization methods of soft interfaces. Also, preliminary functional characterization of soft interfaces will be carried out.



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