Call for nominations

Call for nominations of research theme candidates and Research Director(RD) candidates for ERATO

JST calls for nominations of research theme candidates and Research Director candidates who are capable of leading future ERATO projects. Please read through the guideline for nominators below. We hope that outstanding and competitive researchers will be nominated from a wide range of research communities.


○ Required information regarding the nomination of research theme candidates

・What kind of scientific impact can be expected with the research theme?

・Will the outcomes derived from the research theme contribute to the creation of new disciplines of science and technology and/or new social and economic value?

・To realize the two expectations described above, does the research theme ambitiously plan interdisciplinary research beyond its existing research areas? The proposed research theme should never be a mere expansion of conventional research activities.


○ Required information regarding ERATO RD candidates

・Is he/she an ambitious researcher who can address unique and original research with global foresights and become a pioneer to lead innovation that will change the world?

・Does he/she have own philosophy, “long-term vision,” to his/her research? Is he/she capable to get things done for innovation?

・Is he/she capable of leadership and enthusiastic to integrate expertise in a wide range of research fields to ERATO project?

・Does he/she motivate young researchers with enthusiasm and give full scope to their talents and responsibilities?

・In terms of interdisciplinary research, who (or what kind of different scientific field) would be collaborating with the RD candidate to produce a synergy?


<Submission Procedures>

Step 1: Download the entry form.
Nomination form (docx)

*Please refer to the instruction. PDF

Step 2: Provide the requested information, including contact information for the RD candidate.

Step 3: Send the completed form to
erato-suisen[at] *Please change [at] to @.

* JST would very much appreciate if you could place "ERATO nomination" in the subject line of the e-mail.


Submission Deadline

JST accepts e-mail nominations throughout the year.

All nominations received by Sunday, September 18, 2022 (Japan Standard Time) will be considered as ERATO Research Director candidates for the FY2023 ERATO selection.


Selection process of ERATO theme and RD

Stage 1: POs and JST staff have shortlisted candidates from the list of more than 5,500 prospective candidates as RDs (Throughout the year, JST staff, in cooperation with POs, gather information by interviewing researchers and attending academic conferences to compile the candidates list).

Stage 2: All of POs and domestic PMs review pre-research proposals submitted by the selected candidates at Stage 1, and the Panel shortlists the candidates for full-proposal selection.

Stage 3: All of POs and PMs review full-research proposals submitted by the selected candidates at Stage 2, and the Panel shortlists the candidates for the interview selection.

Stage 4: The Panel conducts interviews for the short-listed candidates and decides successful candidate(s) to be newly funded.



Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)
Department of Research Project, ERATO

K’s Goban-cho Bldg., 7 Goban-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 102-0076

Tel: 03-3512-3528 Fax: 03-3222-2068
E-mail: erato-suisen[at] *Please change [at] to @.

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