MIYAWAKI Life Function Dynamics


Research Director: Dr. Atsushi Miyawaki
Senior Team Leader, Cell Function Dynamics, RIKEN
Research Term 2006-2011

Concerted morphogenesis and physiological activity as a whole body are realized by spatiotemporally proper functions and communications of individual cells. In this project, we aimed to elucidate the mechanism of dynamic cell functions such as proliferation, migration and differentiation by inspecting them in the living body, instead of in cells cultured on dishes. In order to achieve the aim, we innovated and applied the technology for in vivo optical imaging. Firstly, we created the novel probe molecules to detect the cellular activity as changes in intensity and/or color of fluorescence or luminescence. Secondly, we developed the imaging systems and techniques that visualized the signals from the probes with three-dimensionally high resolution.

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