ITAMI Molecular Nanocarbon

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Research Director: Kenichiro ITAMI
(Professor, Graduate School of Science / Director, WPI-ITbM, Nagoya University)
Research Term: Oct 2013 - Mar 2019
Special Extension Period: Apr 2019 - Mar 2020
Grant Number: JPMJER1302


This project entails the design and synthesis of as-yet largely unexplored nanocarbons as structurally well-defined molecules, and the development of novel, highly functional materials based on these nanocarbons. Researchers combine chemical and physical methods to achieve the controlled synthesis of well-defined uniquely structured nanocarbon materials, and conduct interdisciplinary research encompassing the control of molecular arrangement and orientation, structural and functional analysis, and applications in devices and biology. The goal of this project is to design, synthesize, utilize, and understand nanocarbons as molecules.



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