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Mar. /2019
Beyond Disciplines -JST/CRDS focuses on 12 transdisciplinary research themes (2018)-/CRDS-FY2018-RR-02_EN
Executive Summary

This report has been entitled "Beyond Disciplines" based on expectations for creating new integrated fields that transcend existing "disciplines". However, this term is not necessarily strictly defined within this text. The term "integration" as used in this report is not limited to either integration between horizontal fields that arise as the result of horizontal or vertical collaboration between different fields, or integration between vertical layers. Nowadays, use of related terminology?such as "transdisciplinary" and "convergence"?is increasing.

This report identifies and introduces 12 transdisciplinary research themes that CRDS recognizes and is focusing on as of 2018. The 12 themes shown were selected from among themes following recent R&D using broad-ranging bird's eye view processes; themes for which CRDS has issued recommendations in recent years; themes for which CRDS is promoting the formulation of recommendations; and other themes incorporating a certain awareness of issues or that promote surveys and analysis.

The report endeavors to present these themes as plainly and simply as possible with a view to a broad readership comprising not only certain expertsand specialist organization but also members of the general public as well.

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