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(Workshop Report)
Future Services & Societal Systems in Society 5.0/CRDS-FY2016-WR-13
Executive Summary

This report relates to the Summit "Future Serices & Societal Systems in Society 5.0" held by the Center for Research and Development Strategy (CRDS) Japan Science and Technology Agensy(JST) on November 7,

According to the science and technology basic plan, we are going to realize "Society 5.0" ("Super Smart Society") .

"Society 5.0" will provide people with tremendous opportunities for innovation, growth, and prosperity through people-machine collaboration and co-creation.

On the other hand, science and technologies are also presenting unprecedented ethical, legal, social, security, privacy and safety challenges that need to be addressed before the true benefit of these opportunities can be realized.

In this Summit, we discussed vision of future society, services technologies which realize new services and societal issues.

The original of this report is written in Japanese and published in March 2016. This English translation version is tentative, made by CRDS.

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