(Research Reports)
A Panoramic View of Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy: From the Enactment of the Basic Act on Science and Technology to Date/CRDS-FY2014-RR-05_EN
Executive Summary

Japan is currently facing various problems, such as declining population, falling birth rate, aging society, environmental and energy issues, and poor industrial competitiveness, and it is pinning its hopes on science, technology, and innovation to play a key role in solving these problems. However, public research and development funding has stagnated at this time of financial stringency, and it remains to be seen whether it will increase sufficiently to support science, technology, and innovation. Therefore, it has become even more critical to maximize the effects of science, technology, and innovation policy (STI policy) with the limited financial resources available.
Aimed at contributing to the development of appropriate R&D strategies and S&T policies, this interim report provides a clear view of historical changes in the STI policy by describing the whole picture of major policies and budgetary measures (public funding in science and technology). It is our great hope that this interim report will be used as reference in reviewing the policies that should be coordinated carefully as well as in formulating new policies. We also hope that this study will help policy makers deepen their understanding of history and grasp the entire picture of the STI policy. Because this is the first attempt to provide a panoramic view of the complicated STI policy framework, issues requiring further examination could remain. Therefore, we consider it important to ensure that this interim report will be followed by continued efforts to provide a panoramic view of the STI policy, keep track of developments in relevant budgetary measures, and make more detailed and easier-to-understand reports, while hearing opinions of involved parties, to share information among interested parties.

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