"Real Environmental Dynamic Cutting-Edge Measurement for Inter-Facial Phenomena" Supported by the Cooperation between the Dynamic Observation and the Modeling - "See What's Invisible" for Realizing Non-Deterioration Environment and Energy Materials -/CRDS-FY2008-SP-12
Executive Summary

In the U.S, Mr. Obama assumed the presidency in January, 2009, and the Green New Deal policy will be enforced. From an international viewpoint, the environmental and energy technology will surely become the core of the future industry. In order to promote the utilization of natural energy and energy-and-resource conservations, it is required to realize a non-deterioration large size device that enables handling the energy spread thinly.

However, to realize such devices, it is necessary to get over the gigantic spatial and time gap presenting between the product and deterioration phenomenon. For example, the size of a large area device is in meter order while the defect formed on an interface, the source of deterioration, is sized in atom or molecule level. The mechanism of which chemical bonding is cut by light must be analyzed in femto second (fs: 10 - 15 seconds) order, and the life duration of non-deterioration material must be in 10 year order. To overcome the spatial and time gaps in such a large area device, it is necessary to heighten the superiority of manufacturing technology of Japan which is precise and credible, through the development of cutting-edge manufacturing technology that would picture "Dynamic Image" for appealing human imagination and intuition.

Thus, we propose "Real Environmental Dynamic Cutting-Edge Measurement for Inter-Facial Phenomena" supported by the cooperation between the dynamic observation and the modeling. This "Real Environmental Dynamic Cutting-Edge Measurement for Inter-Facial Phenomena" is a new measurement approach for predicting the deterioration caused in macro level by measuring the nano process dynamically on the interface under the real environment in the reproduced manufacturing process or the state of use. Specifically, this is a method for obtaining the findings and scientific knowledge for filling the two gaps – size and time – from nano to meso on the one hand, and from meso to nano on the other hand, in cooperation with the measuring method and modeling while aiming at the creation of the manufacturing process capable of nearly-perfect interface control. It will be possible to obtain the direction for practical solution against the deterioration only after enabling the measurement of integrating scientific knowledge of atomic and molecular level, and associating the phenomenon between the nano scale and macro scale.