Promotion of Integrative Celerity Research (ICR) - Innovation in Health and Medicine -/CRDS-FY2006-SP-18
Executive Summary

Currently, basic life science research in Japan is rapidly developing. The accumulation of new findings is making an incredible impact on clinical medicine. However, the medical application of these findings requires clinical research in humans, posing various problems. In Japan, the field of clinical research has many problems, thus the introduction of advanced medical technologies is delayed and falls behind other countries. This is a serious disadvantage for our rapidly-aging society, preventing Japanese people from receiving the benefit of the latest medical technologies. We have no other choice but to import many of these technologies, leading to a further rise in medical costs. In order to break this deadlock, we propose the promotion of Integrative Celerity Research (ICR).
Unlike the existing translational research, the intention of ICR is to accelerate the clinical and industrial application of research findings by setting a clear final target, obtaining a broad picture of the research, and integrating the phases of individually conducted clinical research. Through the collaboration of industry, academia, administration, and largely the government, immediate action should be taken to reform clinical research, improve the research infrastructure and reform the review and approval agency.

We therefore propose two basic policies and several measures that the government should pursue.

(1) Establishment of a basic law on clinical research
The government should establish a law to define and promote basic policies on clinical research in Japan.
(2) Improvement of clinical research facilities (especially the establishment and building of clinical research complexes)
The government should establish globally competitive clinical research complexes in Japan.
(3) Action plan for ICR promotion
-Securing clinical research funds
-System reform
-Development of human resources

Significant achievements like the followings can be expected from the promotion of ICR.
(1) Provision of advanced, superior medical service to Japanese people
(2) Development of a new medical industry
(3) International contribution in the medical area