Building of Design-in Food Production Systems - Realization of World’s Safest, Delicious and Healthy Firm and Fishery Products -/CRDS-FY2006-SP-06
Executive Summary

A “Design-in Food Production System” is a system for value-added food production from farm that consumers will want.

The agriculture, forestry and fisheries industries in Japan face four crises. They are: [1] “Food Crisis” represented by erosion of consumer trust, [2] “Market Crisis” represented by unstable food supply, [3] “Environmental Crisis” represented by weakening of national land conservation function, and [4] “Regional Crisis” represented by loss of vitality in the regional society and economy.

Thought it’s difficult to solve these four crises at the same time, we propose to establish the “design-in food production system” as the breakthrough for the solution.

For the establishment of the system, it is necessary to actively use science and technology achievements in the agriculture, forestry and fisheries industry. First, it is required to scientifically reveal the nature of safety, deliciousness and functionality of the food that the consumers will want.

Based on the results, we need to produce food with the quality and added values demanded by consumers from farm. We also need to establish a production system that supports the “design-in” method by using science and technology achievements. In addition, we must create a system that contributes to production of safety, delicious and healthy foods and conservation of natural environment of production site through communications between workes in food processing and distribution and consumers.

For these purposes, it is important that researchers in different fields and the agriculture, forestry and fisheries industry as well as other industries involved in food processing and distribution should cooperate and unite to promote research and development. Specific details are listed below.
(1) Scientific endorsement for food safety
(2) Scientific elucidation of food deliciousness
(3) Scientific relationship between food and health
(4) Establishment of a production system that support the design-in method

The establishment of the “Design-in Food Production System” allows to realize the production and supply of agricultural, livestock and fishery products as well as foods that meet both quality and quantity consumers, and it is expected to “Secure Consumer Trust in Food,” “Maintain High International Competitiveness and Secure Labor Force,” “Promote Cyclical Use of Natural Resources and Environment” and “Vitalize Regional Society and Economy.” The creation of this “Positive Growth Cycle in the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Industry of Japan” can make the agriculture, forestry and fisheries industry an attractive, new industry that can contribute to improvement in quality of life of consumers and establishment of a recycle-based society and become the driving force to ensure “People” who support further development of the industry.