Dependable OS for Embedded System/CRDS-FY2005-SP-05
Executive Summary

Computer systems are built in most of the products, equipment and infrastructures equipped or used with the electrical machinery, apparatus, and electric devices such as surrounding information appliances, portable equipment, automobile, social infrastructures such as traffic system and power networks. The basic software for such computer systems (Embedded system) is "embedded OS (operating system)" which is invisible but plays a critical role for supporting the information society.

The direction to which the conventional embedded OS technology has pursued is to seek the advancement of stand-alone information system. In this technological field, Japan has maintained its leading position. However, the demand for the embedded OS from the society is changed to the realization of the dependability of networked open systems, while supporting the rapid advancement of the information system. Although it may be difficult to change the direction of the R&D for realizing the dependability in the open network environment while supporting the advancement of information society, we must change the direction of the research in response to the requirement of the society. The challenge to this new R&D may result in opening up the new science and technology field, and allowing Japan for maintaining the competitive edge in the embedded OS technology into the future.

To realize an embedded OS with dependability, it is necessary to invest in the R&D for the high security assurance technology, real-time assurance technology, high-reliable assurance technology that operates stably even at heavy load, and the reliable software creation technology for bug-free software. Since the technology to be developed must be practical one, we must invest in the R&D that shows prospects while proceeding the basic R&D, producing a prototype with an open source software, executing a demonstration test, and requesting the industrial society for participation. Under the powerful R&D management, it is necessary to establish a R&D formation by making a team of researchers from universities or independent national laboratories in cooperation with the industries.