Development Scenarios and Basic Technologies in Asian countries/CRDS-FY2005-SP-03
Executive Summary

Many Asian countries are now rapidly growing, but their development depends on mass consumption of resources and has negative effects on environment, thereby leading to various problems such as destruction of nature because of industrialization and of population concentration in urban areas, increase of CO2 emission, air and marine pollution by harmful substances, pollution and shortage of foods and water, mass waste generation, rapid increase of oil prices, and so on. These problems are seriously impacting on environment and economic growth in not only the home country but also the neighboring countries and even the rest of the world. To cope with such problems, an alternative development scenario should be prepared as well as basic technologies for realizing it.

Then, for the solution of these global environment and energy problems, common interests of Asian countries, and sustainable development in Japan and other Asian countries, following researches should be carried out in cooperation with Japan and other Asian countries systematically and continuously:

[1] Research on sustainable development scenario of Asia
[2] Research on technology for advanced use of biological resources and ecosystem services
[3] Research on industrial and social infrastructure technology for resource conservation and minimizing environmental impacts
[4] Research on environment protection technology using ecosystem function and so on,
[5] Research on sophisticated environmental assessment technology
[6] Research on standardization of technology

For promotion of these researches, utilization of research resources in each country and cooperation with existing international joint research project should be promoted. As a measure of agreement between each country and systematic and continuous promotion, a joint research organization with the following functions, the Sustainable Asia Research Organization, should be considered to establish.

[1] A function as a joint research base for a development scenario and so on
[2] Human resource development and exchange
[3] Construction of information networks and databases

As China being the primary trading partner of Japan, Asian countries have become more and more significant for Japan as manufacturing bases as well as markets. It is significantly valuable for not only the government of each country and the local public but also for related companies to share the safety, environmental, and industrial standards taking account of Asian situation as an Asian standard, and to grow the standard as the global standard originated from Asia.

In addition, since the Asian region is a reservoir of biodiversity and biological resources, technologies can be expected to create and lead to science and technological innovation such as clarification of the function and mechanism of biological organisms and ecosystem, development of an assessment technology, new biochemical processes, and discovery and utilization technology for useful resources.