Enabling Technology Project

E7 Production of Effective Biomass Materials with Bioresource Technology

Outline of the area

Akihiko Kondo Professor, Kobe University
Akihiko Kondo
Professor, Kobe University

Biomass can be converted into a useful bioresource such as bioethanol, bioplastic, core chemical and others upon CO2 fixation, and is expected to contribute to reducing GHG emission. While various biomass production research projects are currently promoted both within and outside Japan, there exist many hurdles for the practical use such as stability and reproducibility in the open air and open system, the cost for purifying a target material and so on.
This ALCA project aims for enhancement of the biomass production and the effective utilization of its useful component by gene modifi cation and metabolic control, in order to effectively utilize CO2 which is fixed by the biological body from the environment. Our project will contribute to the achievement of a low carbon society, conducting R&D based on the output of ALCA research so far with knowledge and technology linkage.

※ All projects have been completed in 2019.