Enabling Technology Project

E5 Next-Generation Smart Community

Outline of the area

Shigehito Deki Professors Emeritus, Kobe University
Shigehito Deki
Professors Emeritus,
Kobe University

As a part of reduction of GHG emission, it is promoted to create the future low carbon society where renewable energy is aggressively introduced. In this project, we aim at creating and socially implementing the science-based core technology with an eye on a disaster resilient smart community which hopes to be a low carbon and autonomous distributed energy community, for core social infrastructure such as buildings, platforms, transportation and so on.
We develop new high-efficiency solar battery revised from material level and an innovative power storage device which balances fluctuation in electricity generated by the amount of sunlight and variation in the amount of consumption by season and period of time.
In addition, by combining the high energy density battery and the high-efficiency fuel cell with high output and long-life to the developed high-efficacy solar battery, the stable supply of recyclable energy in the smart community is sought after.
Further, we also attempt to realize an advanced energy consumption saving by introducing an innovative heat insulating technology and low power consumption electric equipment.
In this project, we integrate the accumulated elemental technologies in the ALCA research so far and enhance the cooperation with the industry. In this way, we make each elemental technology closer to the practical use phase, and intend to contribute the formation of a low carbon society.

※ All projects have been completed in 2019.