Enabling Technology Project

E1 High-Quality and Large-Diameter GaN Wafer

Outline of the area

Kenji Taniguchi Specially appointed professor, 
Osaka University
Kenji Taniguchi
Specially appointed professor,
Osaka University

In this project, a high-quality and large-diameter GaN wafer is developed to reduce energy and power losses in power devices and LEDs. Specifically, by reducing the crystal defects which affect the electrical property and by enlarging the wafer diameter, mass production and cost-saving of the devices can be possible.
In order to do that, using the Naflux method and point seed method, dislocation-free and non-strained crystals are grown from small seed crystals. In this way, 6-inch GaN wafers can be produced where are 100/cm2 in dislocation defect density and zero/cm2 in screw dislocation defect density. In addition, superior electrical property can be obtained in a diode fabricated thereon, and it was confirmed that the reduction of the crystal defect was extremely effective for the device performance.
Just like in the case of Si semiconductors and compound semiconductors, the substrates with low crystal defect density is indispensable for producing excellent devices. However, it takes a long time and significant cost to produce them.
In this project, higher quality and larger diameter GaN crystal is largely improved upon developing a crystal growing apparatus. Finally, we aim at the mass production of the high quality 8-inches or more GaN wafer and low power loss devices and LEDs.

※ All projects have been completed in 2019.