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The global market for sensors was 5 trillion yen in 2015, and it is predicted that the market will continue to grow with further miniaturization and price reduction (Fuji Chimera Research Institute, Inc. 2017). Contemporary research into the quantum mechanical effect provides a rich foundation for advances in quantum metrology & sensing, enabling the development of technologies characterized by sensitivity and spatial resolution superior to those of conventional technologies. Such research can support diverse measurement methods applicable to a wide range of phenomena including magnetic fields, electric fields, temperature, light, and inertial force (acceleration, angular velocity, etc.).
Due to such diversity, it is essential to clarify social applications of individual technologies by fully grasping their research phases.

This program conducts R&D of one flagship project and seven basic and fundamental research. The flagship project aims at development of prototypes* by a comprehensive approach from basic research to practical development with prospects of concrete social implementation. Basic and foundation research are expected to have complementary and synergistic contributions with the flagship project.
*Prototypes that can be tested in an environment close to the adoption environment (TRL6)

Quantum metrology & sensing pamphlet
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