Local STI for SDGs
This subcommittee meeting finished its activity at the end of March, 2022.


JST launched a subcommittee meeting (*) in Feb. 2019 for promoting collaborative initiatives among stakeholders to resolve local issues related to the SDGs with STI based solution(s) toward holistic and sustainable regional revitalization. The subcommittee meeting, “STI*Localization for the SDGs”, aims to enhance partnerships among local government, private sectors including small and medium enterprises, local civil societies, universities and national research institutes, creating shared value for attaining the SDGs by utilizing scientific knowledge and data as well as combining various technologies adaptable for solving comprehensive issues in communities.

Let’s breakdown silos and disciplines for sustainable regional future! We welcome those who want to solve local issues and/or to contribute to regional development.

Please contact to the secretariat of the subcommittee meeting by email. We are afraid to inform you that meeting is basically held in Japan and Japanese is language in the meetings.

* This subcommittee meeting was based on Regional Revitalization SDGs Public-Private Platform (“SDGs Platform”)(Japanese only) supported by the Cabinet Office. It is required to join the SDGs platform for those which are interested in participating the subcommittee meeting.

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(Information of the meetings and other initiatives; coming soon)

  1. Local STI for SDGs subcommittee meetings
  2. STI for SDGs Awards (tentative)
    ‘STI for SDGs’ Awards (Flyer, PDF: 310KB)
  3. Dissemination of local STI for SDGs activities in Japan and to the World