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The primary goal of this project is to clarify what kind of ELSI has existed in the history of medical science in Japan, focusing on the trans-scientific nature of medical science, based on primary sources with the participation of patients and citizens. We will also build a medical/healthcare archive, mainly on the web, that provides easy access to historical evidence of ELSI in medical science. The next step is to build the foundation for an organizational platform of patients, citizens, researchers, and others who can evaluate and make recommendations on ELSI related to the medical and healthcare fields based on historical findings. The platform will then be developed into a practical collaborative system organized by researchers in the humanities and social sciences, medical professionals, patients, and citizens who will contribute intellectually to the contemporary issues of ELSI in the medical and healthcare fields

・R&D Period: October 2022 - March 2026
・Grant Number: JPMJRS22J3

GOTO Motoyuki

Lecturer, Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences, Ritsumeikan University

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