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Goal 6 R&D ProjectsLarge-scale Silicon Quantum Computer

Project manager (PM)MIZUNO HiroyukiDistinguished Researcher, Center for Exploratory Research, R&D Group, Hitachi, Ltd.

Summary of the project

In order to realize a quantum error tolerant general-purpose quantum computer, it is necessary to improve both "quality" and "quantity" aspects of quantum computers. While the current development of quantum computers is dominated by a bottom-up approach that prioritizes "quality" and increases the number of qubits, this project will take the opposite top-down approach. In other words, in order to take advantage of the advanced integration capability of silicon semiconductor technology (i.e., the ability to implement a large number of elements with uniform characteristics), we will promote a system design that emphasizes "quantity" from the beginning. Next, we will develop various technologies (two-dimensional qubit arrays, cryogenic CMOS circuits and mounting systems, hot silicon qubits, digital correction, etc.) made possible by this high silicon integration to improve the "quality" of the system as a whole and realize an error-resistant general-purpose quantum computer.


Milestone by year 2030

We will launch an experimental cloud service that will enable large-scale silicon quantum computers and demonstrate the effectiveness of error correction and silicon quantum computers.

Milestone by year 2025

We will develop a two-dimensional qubit array and demonstrate qubit operations on a silicon quantum computer using this array.

R&D theme progress reports

R&D theme structure of the project

R&D theme structure of the project

Leader's institution

Hitachi, Ltd.

R&D institutions

Kobe University, Tokyo Institute of Technolog, RIKEN

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