[Topology] Topological Materials Science for Creation of Innovative Functions

Strategic Objective

The creation of innovative materials and devices based on the creation of topological materials science

Research Supervisor


Shuichi Murakami (Professor, School of Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology)


 The objective of this research area is to use topological materials science, which is based on the novel concept of topology, to design innovative new materials and functions. In addition to a variety of topological quantum materials such as topological insulators, we seek to expand the applicability of topological materials science to diverse research areas such as magnetism, optics, mechanics, and soft matter (polymeric materials, gel materials, etc.). Thus, we aim to drive a paradigm shift in the field of electronic devices whose performance is constrained by limitations.
 More specifically, we seek to develop new topological materials in wide research fields such as electronic materials, magnetic materials, optical materials, meta-materials, polymathic materials, and molecular materials, and promote innovative studies that have led to the creation of innovative functions and the development of devices based on the design and control of the abovementioned materials. Further, we aim to systematize topological materials science and bolster interdisciplinary cooperation in physics, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, and more. By doing so, we seek to integrate a variety of topological material groups and function groups, and thus establish topological materials science as an area which looks beyond conventional materials science.
 We hope to make use of new matter and material developments based on topology as the common language, theoretical and computational studies, and the close linkage in the development of measurement and analysis technologies, to generate a new paradigm of studies on matter and materials to develop innovative materials and/or devices which address the low-energy-consumption and super-smart-technology needs of modern society.

Research Area Advisors

Kyoko Ishizaka Professor, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
Teruya Ishihara Visiting Professor, Graduate School of Science, University of Hong Kong
Mari Ohfuchi Senior Expert,Fujitsu Research,Fujitsu Ltd.
Eiji Saitoh Professor, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
Takao Sasagawa Associate Professor, Institute of Innovative Research, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Masatoshi Sato Professor, Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University
Toshikazu Takata Dean, Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering, Hiroshima
Takashi Tsuboi Professor, Faculty of Engineering Department of Mathematical Engineering, Musashino University
Takashi Manako Fellow, Center for Research and Development Strategy, Japan Science and Technology Agency
Koji Muraki Group Leader/Senior Distinguished Scientist, Quantum Solid State Physics Research Group, NTT Basic Research Laboratories
Yukitoshi Motome Professor, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo

Research Projects

  1. Year Started : 2018
  2. Year Started : 2019
  3. Year Started : 2020

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