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PRESTO(Precursory Research for Embryonic Science and Technology) aims to promote fundamental research in fields where a strategic focus has been placed, as a part of a system that promotes innovations leading to social and economic revolution, as well as generating new innovative technology that leads to the development of scientific technology and the creation of new industries.

In PRESTO, under the management of Research Supervisors, JST promotes the independent research of individuals through advice from a Research Supervisor and Area Advisors, providing a place for exchanges among various institutions and background researchers involved in the same fields of research.

Research Type


Research Type

Research Area

JST selects research areas within the framework of the strategic sectors established by MEXT.

Research Supervisor

Research Supervisors are responsible for the research area and play a key role in promoting research.

Research Type

  • Individual Researcher TypeIndividual researcher conducts the research to realize the research concept.

    Researcher can employ research assistant for a certain period.Research assistant: (hourly-paid)

    supports the individual researcher through general research  assistance such as preparing for experiments and cleaning up  the data.

Research Period

In principle, the research period should be 3 years.

Research Expenditure

Generally, research expenditures per research theme are approximately between 30 million and 40 million yen for Individual Researcher Type. Additionally, JST can support the necessary budget for research, such as the cost of renting research site.

Research Site

In principle, researchers should use the existing research site. By concluding research agreements, researchers can conduct the research at the institute they belong to.


Researcher selected for this program will belong to JST as a full-time, concurrent or temporary transferred researcher.

  1. Envisioned full-time researchers• Postdoctoral fellow

    • Researchers who would retire or leave the current institute.

  2. Envisioned concurrent researchers• Researchers who belong to universities

    • Researchers who belong to Independent Administrative Institution

    • Researchers who belong to national and public institutes

    • Researchers who belong to research institutions of special corporation

  3. Temporary transferred researchers• Researchers who belong to private enterprises

Foreign researchers residing in Japan are also envisioned.

Research Agreement

JST concludes commissioned or joint research agreement with the research institute where the researcher conducts the research.

Research meetings

JST holds closed meetings conducted by the Supervisors twice a year to discuss the research plan, to report the progress or to promote communication among researches in the research area.

Presentation and Evaluation of Research Result

Researchers are actively encouraged to present research results both within and outside Japan. When research period ends, researchers should report the research result in the symposium which is open to the public. When the research is complete, an ex post facto evaluation is made and, as the need arises, a follow-up survey is conducted.

Research meetings

JST holds research meetings sponsored by the Supervisor twice a year to discuss the research plan, to report the progress or to promote communication among researches in the research area.

These research meetings help researchers to build wide personal networks across the organization and position.

Research meeting: Synthesis and Control

Research meeting. Research area: Synthesis and Control (February, 2003)

Research meeting: Structure and Function of Biomolecules

Research meeting. Research area: Structure and Function of Biomolecules (July, 2003)

Commencement of Research

From Public Invitation of Research Proposals

to Commencement of Research

Research Support System

Office of JST Basic Research Programs

Office of JST Basic Research Programs is consisted of Department of Research Promotion, Department of Research Project, Department of Research Support, and Department of Planning and Coordination, and performs its duties in cooperation with the research offices.

Research Office

Research offices are established for each research area and take daily care of researches under the guidance of Supervisors.

Research managers (who coordinate the research, determine research progress and give support for presentations),administrative managers (who purchase equipment and materials and deal with procedures for business trips) and office staffs are stationed in all research offices.

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