[Precise Molecular Arrangement]Precise Arrangement of Atoms and Molecules and Its Properties and Functions

Strategic Objective

Precise arrangement toward functionality

Research supervisor


Hiroshi Nishihara (Vice President & Director, Research Institute for Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science)


 The purposes in this Research Area are to spur innovation in basic science and to construct a new paradigm for materials science that contributes to more affluent daily life and social infrastructure, by creating unique structures from the viewpoints of dimensionality, hierarchy, homogeneity and heterogeneity, isotropy and anisotropy, symmetry and asymmetry, and complexity by fully utilizing techniques for intentional combination, arrangement and assembly of atoms and molecules and extracting the novel chemical, physical, biological and mechanical properties and functions that those structures bring about.
 Concretely, the aim is to create new materials and new structures overflowing with originally based on novel concepts and strategies, on the foundation of chemical synthesis, atomic manipulation and molecular assembly techniques, which have achieved dramatic progress in recent years. We also intend to develop those unique materials and structures to the expression of unparalleled properties and functions by utilizing a combination of chemical structure analysis, crystal structure analysis, nano-array structure analysis and atomic-level precision analysis techniques, all of which have evolved remarkably, together with precise structural, chemical property and physical property prediction/analysis methods utilizing large-scale calculation.
 In addition to chemistry focusing on the synthesis, conversion, organization and arrangement of materials and structures consisting of atomic/molecular constituent elements and their analysis, we also hope to pioneer science and technology that contributes to the achievement of the SDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals) by performing comprehensive new manufacturing (monodzukuri: Japanese-style manufacturing) which is useful in the society of the future, in collaboration with physical science for theory-based prediction and analysis of the properties of materials, biology that analyzes the mechanisms of biological substances and biofunctions at the molecular level and develops materials utilizing those substances and functions, and engineering for device fabrication.

Research Area Advisors

Shinji Inagaki Principal Fellow, Beyond-X Research Division, Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.
Yoshihiro Iwasa Deputy Director, Center for Emergent Matter Science, RIKEN
Ayumi Hirano Professor, Research Institute of Electrical Communication, Tohoku University
Seiji Miyashita Emeritus professor, Department of Physics, The University of Tokyo
Hirokatsu Miyata Designated professor, Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University
Kimihisa Yamamoto Professor, Institute of Innovate Research, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Masayoshi Watanabe Distinguished YNU Professor, Institute of Advanced Sciences, Yokohama National University

Research Projects

  1. Year Started : 2020
  2. Year Started : 2021
  3. Year Started : 2022

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