[Youhei Yamaji] Theoretical Design for Strongly Correlated Topological Materials by Combining Ab Initio Numerical Approaches and Spectroscopy

Research Director

Youhei Yamaji

Youhei Yamaji

Quantum-Phase Electronics Center, The University of Tokyo
Project Associate Professor


Ab initio theoretical and numerical approaches have been developed through competition and cooperation among researchers in Europe, North America, and Japan, to predict low energy physics of many-body electrons confined in crystalline solids. Recently, ab initio studies on topological materials have attracted much attention due to their potential application to spintronics. In this research project, we integrate the ab initio theoretical and numerical schemes with spectroscopy data by utilizing data science technology. The integrated ab initio scheme will enable us to accurately estimate effects of electron-electron interaction in solids and to design quantum topological phases of strongly correlated materials.

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